Weeks of 1/29 - 2/23

posted Feb 13, 2018, 8:20 PM by Cheryl Adair   [ updated Feb 22, 2018, 5:24 AM ]

For the next couple of weeks we will be exploring exponential and logarithmic functions.  We will use properties of these functions to expand, condense and solve for unknown values.  We will also graph them using transformations and algebraically find their inverse.  During the week of 2/19 we will have a test on the unit (day 2).

The next unit is on Polynomial Functions.  We will review operations with polynomials (add, subtract, multiply/special products) and we will also review factoring polynomials completely.  You will have a Quiz on this information next week  Tentatively the scheduled days are... 3rd period on 2/28 and 5th period on 3/1.  

3rd Quarter

posted Jan 26, 2018, 11:16 AM by Cheryl Adair

Welcome back!   It's 3rd quarter and we have much to accomplish.  We will complete two big units this quarter on Logarithm/Exponential functions and Polynomial Functions.  From experience some students find this quarter more challenging than the last.  My advise to you is to be prepared for class each day, complete all assignments and attend help sessions, if needed.  Oh... one more thing... Remember, I am your BEST resource. 

Week of January 2 -5

posted Jan 2, 2018, 6:27 AM by Cheryl Adair

Happy New Year!!!
This week we will begin our rational exponent review and end with radical operations and equations.  Next week you will graph radical functions and you will have a test on Radicals and Exponents on Day 3.

Weeks of December 4-8 and 11-15

posted Dec 11, 2017, 6:15 AM by Cheryl Adair

We are beginning a new unit on functions.  We will graph cubic functions using transformations, determine if functions are odd, even or neither, find the inverse of a function, perform function operations and graph piece-wise defined functions.  Your unit test will be on DAY 1 of the week of 12/18.

Week of November 27 - December 1

posted Nov 26, 2017, 3:42 PM by Cheryl Adair

This week we will continue with complex number expressions and review for the BIG test on Quadratics.  3rd period your test will be on Thursday, November 30.  5th period your test will be on Friday, December 1.  

Week of November 20 - 22

posted Nov 26, 2017, 3:40 PM by Cheryl Adair

This week we will solve more quadratic word problems.  You will have a quiz on Quadratics and we will begin working with complex expressions.

Week of November 13 - 17

posted Nov 14, 2017, 5:34 AM by Cheryl Adair

This week we will graph quadratic functions using standard and vertex form.  We will also write the equation of a quadratic function using completing the square.  You will have a quick quiz this week on this information.  Be prepared.

Week of October 31 - November 3

posted Nov 1, 2017, 6:32 AM by Cheryl Adair

This week we will solve quadratic equations by factoring, taking square roots, completing the square and the quadratic formula.  We will also discuss the discriminant and use it to describe the roots of the quadratic function.  On Tuesday of next week you will have a Quest on this material.  Use the review that I loaded in google classroom to help you prepare.  This will be the last grade of the marking period.

Week of October 23 - 27

posted Oct 23, 2017, 6:26 AM by Cheryl Adair

This week we will factor polynomials completely and solve by factoring using the zero product property.  On day 4 you will have a quiz on factoring completely.

Week of October 16 - 20

posted Oct 17, 2017, 4:55 AM by Cheryl Adair

This week we will solve non-linear systems and review for your next unit test on day 3.  Check Google Classroom for the answer key to the unit test review.  Next, we will begin a mini factoring unit and you will have an assessment on factoring by the end of next week.

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